Eat These 10 Food Items And Improve Your Sex Life

The men and women of the twenty first century endure quite taxing lives. On one hand they have professional compulsions, while on the other they find themselves too tired all the time. The biggest casualty of the metropolitan life is the sexual aspect of the people. However, a healthy sex life is of the utmost essence for an all around satisfaction of the people.

How can you bring back the ‘X’ in the Sex? Well, there are a lot of ways for that. A lot of factors play a role in influencing the sexual aspect of people’s lives and it is just not wise enough to point at any single one. There is food, therapy, exercise, meditation, tantra, kamasutra and what not. In this series of articles we would be focusing on how to improve the sex lives of our readers, and today we are bringing you Ten Food Items That Can Improve Your Sex Life.

1. Chocolate

We bet you did not see this one coming. Chocolates are one of the most loved items in the world, but you did not thought that chocolates could improve your sex life, did you? The belief that chocolates can actually boost libido is as old as the Aztec civilization, and has been a part of the belief since then. Cocoa has been scientifically linked to some chemicals which can be libido inducing.

And it is not just limited to that. Chocolate can also used to increase the passion in your intimate activities. Chocolate finds wide use in many sexual acts and can be used in foreplay, oral sex and many other imaginative ways. So what is stopping you from buying that bar of chocolate?


2. Oysters

Oysters are perhaps the most widely known of all the aphrodisiacs . The legend of oysters goes back to Cassanova and his habit of eating oysters as a means of boosting his virility. It was also popular amongst the early italians as a means of boosting their virility. Oysters are also good for your health in terms of their nutrient content. Oysters are reported to contain Vitamins A and B12, and they are an excellent source of iron, calcium and Zinc. Zinc deficiency is many a time connected with erection problems. Hence, we don’t see any reason why you should give oysters a miss.


3. Honey

Honey too, as a food item is reported to have a positive effect on your sex life. Not only does it taste delicious, it has reportedly many other benefits too. Honey contains traces of hydrogen peroxide and some researches have linked it to wound healing too.

Honey, like chocolate can be made as an active ingredient in your foreplay and oral sex too. Many people love using honey in their bedroom. Its viscous nature and tantalizing sweet taste has given many people wonderful memories in the bedroom.


4. Ginseng

Ginseng is probably one of the items on the list whose studies have been most scientifically documented. It is found in north america as well as asia and is very popular in both China and the US. The root of ginseng is what we mean when we refer to ginseng here. It is most often available in the dried form, and there are many food items and supplements available which claim to have ginseng extracts. One of the main reasons behind the popularity of ginseng use is its good safety profile.


5. Almonds

Almonds are a well known source of proteins, but who knew eating almonds could also help you in the bedroom, and not just with your memory. Almonds are widely considered a very good source of Vitamin E. It also contains Vitamin B2 and Calcium. In ancient Indian Ayurvedic sources, almonds have been quoted to arouse sexual desires. They are a great source of nutrients too.


6. Banana

Now who could have thought that Bananas too could help with libido and sexual desires. Although the image of a banana is very enticing, it has other health benefits too. Bananas are a rich source of natural sugars and Potassium. Many cultures have referred to bananas as something which can initiate carnal desires. Having a banana in breakfast can help you throughout the day.


7. Coconut

Coconut too in many cultures is believed to help with boosting libido and virility and also help in cleaning bladder. Coconut milk along with honey too can help. Coconut water is also good for quenching your thirst when it gets all hot and sunny outside.


8. Avocado

Avocado is a tree fruit which has one seed, and is a very valuable plant in the Mediterranean ecosystems. Avocado can also be planted and grown as a houseplant. Avocado is rich in several vitamins, including Vitamin B,C and K. The word Avocado can be traced back to the aztecs, and the literal meaning of the word is testicles. Because it is rich in non essential fatty acids, which help in testosterone production, this fruit is widely believed to help with virility.


9. Dates

Dates which are most commonly grown  in central asia are often known for their high sugary content.Dates are also a very good source of potassium, protein and fibres. Once thought to be only the staple diet of the desert regions, today its use has been spread the world over. The high sugar content of the dates is thought to provide energy for having long intimate intercourse. Be sure to try them out and let us know. With all these food items, and high sexual apetite, you might need to see an escort to fulfill your desires.



10. Shilajit

Shilajit has been reportedly used for millennials before the modern man discovered Viagra. It is an ayurvedic supplement, widely available in India, Nepal and other South East Asian countries. It is a tar like substance which could be found seeping from the rocks in the Himalayas. Its use has not been limited to libido related purposes, but has been used in many fertility related studies too. There is an increased preference for the mineral in its original resin form since that is said to be the most effective. It can also be purchased in the west, and hence you would be a bit disappointed if you were packing your bag to scale the Himalayas.


We always wish our readers to have healthy and fulfilling lives, and are constantly bringing in knowledge from across different cultures which we think might help in realizing this goal.

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